CMC Re-appoints Three Consultants

The Otter Lake Community Monitoring Committee is pleased to announce the re-appointment, effective Nov.1, of three of its part-time consultants, following an assessment of responses to requests for proposals for each of the positions.

The staffing decisions were made at the CMC’s Oct. 19 meeting. They cover the organization’s requirement for consultants in environment, communications and social media. Each part-time position carries a one-year term with an option to serve an additional 12 months, subject to mutual agreement of the main parties.

The following persons were reappointed:

• Scott Morash was named CMC’s environmental consultant. He is a former 32-year member of the Nova Scotia Department of Environment and Climate Change, where he served as an inspector specialist.  He holds a Bachelor of Geology and is well versed in the operation of landfill sites. He has been working with the CMC since 2022.

• Betsy Chambers was retained as CMC’s communications consultant. She has more than 30 years combined experience in journalism and public relations, having worked for newspapers and for institutions ranging from government to universities. Her association with the CMC began in 2021. She has a Bachelor of Journalism.

• Jason Timms was reconfirmed in his role as CMC’s social media technician. Besides the CMC, he helps a variety of clients meet their social media needs and offers technical expertise that includes website and Facebook maintenance. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration and has numbered the CMC among his clients since 2001.

We welcome these three professionals in assisting CMC in serving our public.

Linda MacKay, CMC Chair

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