Welcome to the Otter Lake Community Monitoring Committee’s website.

Here you can find out about the origins and mandate of the Community Monitoring Committee, get current news, and access our newsletters and other documents in our library. You will find our schedule of meetings as well as the agendas and minutes. And you will also find links to important community-based organizations in the communities that are nearest to the Otter Lake Landfill.

The Otter Lake Landfill has been operating since 1999, serving Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM). It is owned by HRM, operated under contract by Mirror Group, and is monitored by us on behalf of the residents of HRM and especially the local communities surrounding the facility.

The Otter Lake Landfill facility has been visited by waste managers from around the world. It is a unique facility with rigorous protection of the local environment and community. Every bit of waste that enters the landfill facility is examined by a Front End Processor (FEP) and a Waste Stabilization Facility (WSF).  Hazardous material is taken out, recyclable material is recovered, and any organic waste is stabilized by aerobic decomposition before it is buried in the landfill. The facility is an important link in a truly integrated waste management system that includes curbside collection and composting of organics, comprehensive recycling, and hazardous waste disposal.