Board of Directors

The CMC comprises 15 members, including the local members of Regional Council from Districts 11 and 12, the Mayor, an appointed member of Council, 2 council-appointed members-at-large, and the 9 Directors of the Halifax Waste Resource Society.

Our current membership includes:

Council Representatives

Mayor Mike Savage
District 11 Councillor Patty Cuttell (Spryfield – Sambro Loop – Prospect Road)
District 12 Councillor Iona Stoddard (Timberlea – Beechville – Clayton Park – Wedgewood)
District 13 Councillor Pam Lovelace (Hammonds Plains – St. Margarets)

HRM appointed Citizens at Large

Jamil Sinno
Daniel McNamara

Halifax Waste-Resource Society appointed Citizens

Scott Guthrie, Chair of CMC Board of Directors
Alfred Jarvis, Beechville
Andrew Giles, Treasurer, Dartmouth
Frank Johnston, Goodwood
Peter Lund, Dartmouth
Murray Power, Hubley
Tom Robertson, Vice Chair, Hubley
Maureen Yeadon, Secretary, Prospect
Raïssa Musial, Hubley